5 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2022 – 2023


Kitchen cabinets are one of the most prominent features in a kitchen and are sure to impact the overall outlook of your kitchen. A slight change to your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen the appearance of a full remodel. Changing the cabinets is a great way to go if you want to update your kitchen to a more modern look. With that being said, here are the top 5 creative kitchen ideas for 2022-2023.


Hidden Kitchen Cabinets

Hiding everything in the kitchen is one of the latest design trends, and cabinets have been included in this trend. The goal is to have a minimalistic kitchen where no or only the major appliances or visible. Cabinets offer storage and serve to hide your equipment and appliances but would still be visible. The new trend has seen cabinets built seamlessly into the kitchen’s walls. In keeping with this trend, the kitchen cabinets can be the same colour as the walls, or you can paint over them. When someone new enters your kitchen, especially a first timer, they are sure to be intrigued by the seeming lack of cabinets.


Cabinets Without Handles

Another design trend focusing on hiding things in the kitchen will be seen in kitchen cabinets without handles. The cabinet itself may or may not be visible, but there won’t be any handles to open it. The result is a seamless kitchen with the walls and floors seemingly more prominent. You can appreciate the kitchen more when the cabinet doesn’t have anything sticking out of it. The kitchen cabinets’ opening is sure to be attractive, with magnets or some other creative solution employed. Without handles in the way, you are free to design the kitchen cabinet as creatively as you like, creating some visual interest there.


Brightly Colored Cabinets

Bright colours are a trend in the kitchen design space, and the same can be applied to kitchen cabinets in Austin. When selecting a kitchen cabinet, look for one with a bold colour or one that fits into your existing kitchen theme. If you have a cabinet you love and aren’t willing to change, you can always paint over it to get the desired effect. Alternatively, you can choose a brightly coloured cabinet that overpowers everything else in the kitchen. You make your kitchen cabinet the centrepiece, creating visual interest and building everything else around it.


Classic Wood Finishing

Classic wood finishing cabinets are another trend currently widely popular in design spaces. The main allure of this cabinet is how simple it looks, and simple is the new classy. Wood finishings come in different shades, giving you great control over the final outlook of your kitchen. Wood finishing cabinets fit in perfectly with wooden floors and ceilings, so you can look to match the colours. You may need to use a new wooden cupboard thanks to recent finishing trends that make the cupboards more appealing. Having your old wooden cupboard refinished may also be possible to match the recent trends.


High Detailed Finishing

Another trend currently on the rise is the use of kitchen cabinets with highly detailed finishing. If you are using your kitchen cabinet as the centrepiece of the kitchen, you need to make it more interesting. High-detailed finishing helps transform a regular kitchen cabinet into a visual spectacle. Whether it is the handle or the wood finishing, the depth in the finishing can give the cabinet a new dimension. You can also have a high level of detail in finishing non-wood kitchen cabinets and get the same stunning outcome. Whichever style, colour or design you opt for, include a high level of detail.


Installing new cabinets or upgrading old ones will require professional help sometimes. You can work with a professional kitchen remodel contractor to guarantee the best results. Be careful when choosing the contractor, opting for the experienced ones such as the ones from Cabinet IQ when selecting kitchen cabinets. When the new cabinets are installed, your kitchen is sure to have a new look which you love.



Kitchen cabinets are a statement piece and require a special effort if you want your kitchen to stand out. There are a lot of creative ideas you can employ to give your kitchen a modern look. Simply select one of the ideas above, or opt for a combo and get an amazing visual result.

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