4 Qualities to Look for in a Mental Health Counselor in Oklahoma City


Mental health disorders are affecting an increasing number of people worldwide. However, mentally ill people are recovering with the help of Oklahoma City mental health counseling. A counselor helps patients to deal with psychological challenges by guiding them to improve their thought patterns and behavior. Before going to a mental health counselor, you should know the qualities to look for in them.

So, here are the qualities you should look for in a mental health counselor in Oklahoma City :

Good Therapeutic Rapport 

Therapeutic rapport is the ability to build a strong relationship with patients for helping them to react and heal. The therapeutic process helps patients feel safe and respected when sharing their concerns, internal thoughts, and fears. Mutual understanding is a crucial aspect of therapeutic rapport. Clients should feel their counselors understand their issues, which helps in creating a potent therapeutic plan. Listening Abilities

Listening skills are usually more inherent than learned. However, you can always work on your listening skills. A good mental health counselor always does that. Active listening is listening very carefully and then asking questions to develop mutual understanding. Counselors even rephrase/restate the patients’ words to confirm their understanding of the client’s sayings. Active listening is also about giving enough time to clients for speaking during sessions, maintaining eye contact,t, and right facial expressions to show attention.

Clear Verbal Communication 

Clear verbal communication is as important as active listening skills. Once patients share their struggles, a mental health counselor in Oklahoma City recommends the right treatment accordingly. They should be able to clearly explain their evaluation of patient issues and treatment plan suggestions. Thinking before speaking is one of the key traits of a good communicator. A mental health counselor speaks concisely,  words carefully, and uses the right voice tone to make patients comfortable during counseling.


Empathy is a mental health counselor’s must-have quality. When a counselor can put themselves in other people’s shoes, and understand their challenges, it promotes therapeutic rapport. Patients who feel their counselor understands their issues are more likely to trust them and follow their treatment suggestions.

The Bottomline

As a mental health counselor in Oklahoma City has a broad skill set, they can help patients dealing with many issues. However, all counselors don’t have the same qualities. So, you should look for the qualities above to find the best mental health counselor.

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