3 Ingredient Easy Homemade Boba Pearl


Did you recognize it’s really simple to create your own boba reception with solely three ingredients and many straightforward steps? Follow the this formula and you’ll make your own bubble tea any time you want!

Boba tea (or bubble tea) is maybe the foremost documented and well-liked item that has start up of Taiwan’ food culture, in conjunction with alternative things like beef noodle soup and gua bao.  I recollect it began to get popular once I was regarding ten years old. once the primary boba place opened around my elementary school, the whole school was talking regarding it. 

i do know I can purchase dry black foodstuff pearls in several Chinese grocery stores, however there have been concerning reports about virulent ingredients being employed in bound tapioca pearls (including some utilized in boba shops). 

attributable to this, I like creating my {very own} boba, particularly if it’ for my family.  It’s really very straightforward to try and do this, and also the flavor is best than the shop bought ones, as I take advantage of real Taiwanese sugar rather than victimizing cheaper sugar and looking forward to food coloring.

Why you ought to do that Recipe

You’d be learning from somebody who grew up within the terribly birthplace of boba -Taiwan!

you’ll relish your homespun boba without concern regarding any virulent additives.

It’ simple to make, and may be a fun activity with friends and family.

homespun boba cooks quicker than store bought ones.

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Ingredients You’ll want

except water, you simply need 2 alternative ingredients – Taiwanese sugar and foodstuff flour.


Taiwanese sugar – It’ necessary to use Taiwanese brown sugar (黑糖) because it provides the colour and aroma. Taiwanese brown sugar isn’t as sweet as regular brown sugar, that the boba pearl are too sweet if you replace it with regular dark brown sugar. the most effective various is maybe coconut sugar. Dark muscovado sugar might also work well.

foodstuff flour – additionally referred to as tapioca starch. ensure you utilize pure tapioca flour/starch. You can’t substitute this with cornstarch or potato starch because the texture won’t be the same.

Step by Step Instruction

Step one – mix water and Taiwanese sugar a awfully} tiny sauce pan and convey it to a overboil medium heat.

Step two – whereas the liquid is boiling, add regarding ⅓ to half the foodstuff flour in, cook and stir perpetually till it forms a very sticky dough/paste.

Step three – take away the pan from the warmth and add the remainder of the tapioca flour, stir until all the dough comes off of very cheap of the pan (about ten times), and pour the mixture onto a operating surface.

Step four – Knead the dough till smooth. Add some cold water if the dough is simply too dry.

Step five – Take a little of dough and roll it into a skinny (roughly ⅓ in. thick) and uniform log before cutting it into tiny items (slightly smaller than the scale of the boba you’re aiming for) so roll into balls. Repeat this step for the remainder of the dough.

whereas doing this step, wrap the rest of the dough with wrapping to stop it from drying out.

Toss your foodstuff balls with a touch of foodstuff flour to stop the boba pearls from sticking out together.

Step vi – Bring 6 cups of water to a fast overboil medium heat. Add boba pearl and cook for fifteen-20 minutes whereas stirring occasionally. close up the heat, cowl with a lid, and let it sit for an additional 15 minutes.

Step seven – Drain the boba and provides them a fast rinse with cold water. Place them during a bowl and blend in two tablespoon of Taiwanese brown sugar.

currently it’ able to use! explore my milk tea formula for the best tasting milk tea to travel with boba. you’ll additionally simply serve it with sugar milk or any of your favorite drinks.

Tips and Tricks

once boiling the water with sugar, it’ best to use alittle sauce pan with a lid so as to reduce evaporation, which is able to have an effect on the feel of the dough.

It’ necessary that you simply bring the water to a boil and add within the initial ⅓ of the flour/starch whereas the sauce pan remains on the heat, otherwise the mixture will become a thick liquid rather than a sticky dough/paste.  

once shaping the boba, you’ll additionally simply cut them into tiny squares rather than rolling into balls to create the shaping method faster. attempt to make them no larger than [*fr1] an in. in diameter or it’ll be laborious to cook through.

It’ vital to cook the boba in enough water (at least vi cups for this recipe) and convey it to a fast boil before adding boba, otherwise they’ll dissolve within the water.

The boba will get chewier when they cool down.

am i able to substitute foodstuff flour with corn starch (or other forms of starch)?

No, foodstuff flour/starch is that the key ingredient for creating this recipe.

What will the perfect dough feels like?

It ought to be a touch wet however not sticking out on your hand, reasonably like playdough. alter your dough to the correct texture by adding tapioca flour/starch or cold water.

Why did my boba dough became dry and laborious to figure with when a while?

The boba dough dries easily, thus ensure you wrap, with plastic wrap, the dough that you’re not engaged on at the moment. If your dough becomes too dry and laborious to figure with, we tend tot your hands with some water before you’re employed with the boba dough.

Why do another recipes cook the medium boba pearl {again|once additional} in sugar syrup?

This helps infuse the brown sugar style and aroma into the boba pearls because the store bought ones are typically created with artificial coloring and aren’t sweet. Since we made ours with real Taiwanese brown sugar, we don’t want this further step. merely combine some more brown sugar with drained and rinsed boba pearls to stop sticking out and you’re sensible to go!

am i able to freeze my boba?

Yes, however solely the raw boba pearls. you’ll store them during a Ziploc bag within the deep freezer for 2 months.

Do i want to regulate the preparation time once cooking the frozen boba pearls?

Yes, you’ll have to be compelled to cook frozen boba dough balls five minutes longer.

I hope you all make merry creating boba at home! be happy to depart a comment or send me a message if you’ve got any questions.


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