It is clear that fashion trends of the 1980s were top-notch. 80’s hairstyles and clothing were all top-notch. It was a shift in fashion from subtle to quirky. Comparing the first half of the decade to the second, when the 1980s color scheme became popular, you can see that the decade’s first part was more subdued.

Your overall appearance is influenced by your hairstyle. Your look will be more subtle if you choose a simple hairstyle. You will appear loud and sexy if you go for a wild hairstyle. 80’s hairstyles were curly, long, and heavy-styled. The 80’s hairstyles were a major part of making this era a time of great fashion and style.

You are most likely from the 1980s and have an idea of what it was like to wear the top fashion style. If you’re young or in your teens, you can take a look at the 1980’s hairstyles. This article will highlight some of the most popular and trendiest 80’s hairstyles.

The 80s Hairstyles with Long Hair

Long hair is a fashion trend that has been around since forever. Long hair is never out of style. Long hair was very fashionable in the 1980s. The 80s saw the following hairstyles popularized with long hair:

  • Long, Crimped Hair
  • Long Hairstyle with Side Partition
  • Sleek-Crimpled Hairdo
  • Long Messy Hairdo
  • Front Bangs with Long Hair
  • Long Wavy Hair
  • Long Hair with Slight Curls

Common 80s Hairstyle with Short Hair

Short hair is also in fashion. Many young women and girls around us have short hair. In the 80s, short hair was very fashionable. The following are some of the most popular hairstyles from the 1980s that have short hair:

  • Short Hair with Front Bangs
  • Short Hair
  • Short Hair
  • Wavy Hairstyle on Hair
  • Side Swept Bob
  • 80s Powerful Pixie Hairdo
  • Short Hair With a Floral Fusion
  • 80s Short Blonde Hair
  • 80s Rocker Hairdo

Here are some of the most popular hairstyles from the 80s

In the 1980s, there were many unique and stunning hairstyles . Many of these hairstyles are still very fashionable and in style today. These are some of the most popular and trendiest 80s hairstyles. These hairstyles are also available for you to try.

1. Crimpled Hairdo

It’s not just trendy nowadays, but it was popular in the 1980s. This is one the most outrageous hairstyles. This hairstyle is fun and can be worn over and over again. Crimping your hair is a favorite choice for girls who are tired of having straight or curly hair. Crimped hair is one of the most popular hairstyles of the 1980s.

2. Half braided updo

A braided haircut is a great way to look young. The 80s most popular hairstyle is the half braided updo. A half-braided updo was popular among young girls. This hairstyle is mainly done by braiding the hair at the top and ending with a simple braid along the ends.

3. Bandana hairstyle

It is common to use hair accessories when styling hairstyles. Hair accessories like hair pins, hair bands, hair pearls and colorful bandanas can make your hair look stylish and beautiful. Wrapping your hair in a bandana back in the 80s was a popular hairstyle. There are a variety of sizes and styles available on the market for hairbandanas. You can wear bandana hairstyles with either short or long hair.

4. Mullet Hairstyle

The mullet haircut was popular among young girls and women in 1980. This hairstyle is not something you would like to try today. Mullet hairstyles have the top hair cut short and the bottom hair long. It doesn’t matter what you think about this hairstyle today, but it was very popular in the 80s .

5. 80s Feather Hairstyles

In the 1980s, feathered hairstyles were very popular. This hairstyle is elegant and sophisticated, not only in the 1980s but also today. One of these hairstyles was worn by Princess Diana. We all agree that this hairstyle gave Princess Diana a breath-taking look. This hairstyle looks great with both long and short hair. This hairstyle is very popular nowadays.

6. Front Bangs with Long Hair

Combining long hair and front bangs makes a great combination. This hairstyle was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. This hairstyle makes you appear young. This hairstyle is a must-have for girls.

7. Bangs with Short Hair

Long hair looks even more attractive with a bob with type hair than with long hair. This hairstyle was fashionable in the 80s. With short hair, bangs are becoming more prominent and give a refreshing look.

8. Whale Spout Hairdo

This hairstyle is perfect for its name. This hairstyle is great for children and young girls. This hairstyle looks great on people with medium length hair and front bangs. Take half of your hair, and put it in a ponytail at the crown. Let the ponytail fall freely from the crown to the bottom of your head and you’re done with the whale spout style.

9. Funky Rock Hairstyle

Rockin’ a hairstyle is fun! This is one of the 80s hairstyles. This hairstyle isn’t very popular among girls in that time period and still isn’t. This hairstyle gives you the appearance of a rockstar, and who doesn’t want to be rock star?

10. Make your hair look beautiful with a flower

Hair accessories can enhance hairstyles. Hair accessories can include hairbands, hairpins and bandanas as well as pearls and flowers. Natural flowers can be used to style your hair. This makes it look elegant and professional. In the 1980s, hairstyles using flowers were very popular. You can create an old-fashioned look by styling your hair with a flower.

11. Pixie Hairdo

The pixie haircut was also a popular style in the 1980s. This style is preferred by tomb boys and girls who want to be bold. The perfect combination is a pixie haircut with dark lips. This creates a sharp look that makes you stand out among the crowd. This hairstyle is very popular right now.

12. Curly hairstyle

Curls are a fashion trend that has been around since the beginning of time. Different eras may have different sizes. In the 1980s, this was also true. Curly hair was fashionable in 1980, however the curls were small. In the 1980s, long hair with small curls was the go-to style for girls. Curly hair is also fashionable, but the curls girls prefer are smaller.

13. Long Messy Hairdo

The trend for long hair and a messy look is not going away. This hairstyle was popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s. To make their hair look more messy, some people crimp their hair. For long hair, you can make a side-partition of your hair and let them get messy. Then you can go with your favorite hairstyle.

14. High Bun With A Hair Bow

Buns are a trendy hairstyle that is elegant and fashionable. In the 80s, girls wore a hair bow on their heads. This hairstyle was very popular among young girls and women under 40 . This hairstyle is becoming more popular every day, if you take a look at the world. This hairstyle is also featured in the latest hair trends.

15. Hat-Shaped Hairdo

Although it may seem strange, this hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles from the 1980s. Although this style was not common, some women tried it to make their hair look different. This Custom sticker hairstyle was created by either making a hat from the hair or using the hair as a hat.

16. High Fountain Side Ponytail

This was also one the most popular hairstyles in the 1980s. First, tie your hair at the crown of your head with a hairband. Tie your hair on one side. Allow your hair to flow freely from the top to the bottom, just like a fountain. This hairstyle is best for long hair. It gives off a great look.

17. A short hairstyle with small waves

A beautiful look is always achieved with wavy hair. A perfect match is short hair with smaller waves. In the 1980s, short hair was very popular. Waves are the best choice for hairstyles with short hair. Short hair is trendy right now, so you can style it with small waves.

18. Style: Upper Sleek with Bottom Crimpled Hairstyle

This hairstyle has a touch of class. This is also one of the 80s hairstyles. The hairstyle’s name suggests that the hairstyle’s upper hair is straight and about three to four inches long. The remainder of the hair is crimped with a crimper. This hairstyle can be altered to achieve a completely different look.

19. Bob hairstyle with layers

This is one of many layered hairstyles. In the 1980s, bob cuts were also popular. In the 1980s, some girls had a layer cut with a Bob Cut. If you are looking for a new look, this hairstyle is a great option.

20. Foxy Hairstyle

In the 1980s, foxy hairstyles were very popular. This hairstyle gives off a very natural look. The foxy hairstyle is no longer in fashion.

21. Bob cut with straight, sleek hair

The sleetbob was one of the most popular hairstyles during the 80s. You must have seen it if you’re an 80s teen. If not, this hairstyle is in photos from the 80s.

Last words

It is clear that the 1980s were full of new hair styles and new hair trends. Many hairstyles are still in fashion today. The entire range of hairstyles from the 1980s has been covered in the article.

You should have a few hairstyles you can start with right now. You might be hesitant to try out some hairstyles you don’t like. You can still find information about the 80s hairstyle trends.


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