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191XT Review – Is This Supplement Spray Worth Using?

There’s a plethora of supplements available to increase the levels in one or two anabolic hormones (e.g. testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1) with the belief that they can bring several mental and physical advantages for males. In the end, hormones play a key role in regulating the physiology of. But how can these supplements function? With the many available what can you do to determine whether you’re choosing one that is actually efficient?

We can help you with that. We conducted research on one of these supplements called 191XT. This supplement to IGF-1 is made to boost the growth of muscles, aid in weight loss, boost metabolism to improve recovery, encourage healthier mental health and so on. But, can it really accomplish all that? With this review we’ll take a comprehensive review of the underlying principles that this product offers, its advantages and claims, and much more, so that you can discover whether it’s worth buying or more than one pass.

Ready? Let’s begin by reading this review on 191XT!

About 191XT

191XT is produced by the well-known sports supplement manufacturer Primal Muscle, which is the creators of the well-known Pre-workout product Primal Surge. 191XT is an IGF-1 supplement as it is a source of IGF-1 that comes from velvet made from deer. In addition to deer antler velvet extract, there are other herbs in this product designed to provide many performance-enhancing benefits. It’s created to be a top-quality product to improve workout efficiency and results for men.

191XT Benefits

The most important advantages of 191XT include greater strength and recovery, more muscle as well as improved strength, an increase in energy metabolism, fat reduction as well as a myriad of mental and cognitive health advantages.

Many of these advantages are attributable to the principal ingredient in 191XT. That is velvet extracted from deer antler.

Workout Benefits

191XT is designed to enhance muscles’ growth and boost the growth of muscles cells. It also aims to enhance the utilization of glucose and fats for energy, thereby giving you more energy and strength during workouts. It is also designed to increase the delivery of amino acids to muscles. This is thought improve recovery.

Increased Metabolism and Fat Loss

Despite increasing the growth of muscle cells, 191XT is believed to prevent the growth of fat tissue and boost metabolism. This could be expected to cause the loss of fat.

Cognitive and Overall Mental Health

Then, Primal Muscle claims that 191XT improves mental and cognitive health. It is specifically designed to boost mental alertness, mood and memory.

It’s quite an impressive list of advantages! However, is it just hype? Find out more here.

191XT Ingredients

The 191XT ingredients are as the following:

  • Niacin (20mg)
  • 191XT Proprietary Blend is composed of:
    • Deer Antler Velvet Extract
    • L-Arginine HCl
    • Epimedium
    • Tribulus
    • Longjack

(Note that the amounts are based on serving size that is 6 sprays. )

It’s that! Simple and simple. But is it efficient? Let’s have a look.


The main substance in 191XT’s formulation is Niacin, also known as vitamin B3. Niacin is a key component in energy metabolism, and is essential for optimal energy when exercising. In addition, exercise that is strenuous can decrease niacin levels therefore maintaining the optimal level is essential. There is a lack of research about the benefits of the supplementation of niacin to boost performance. In the end, more research is required.

191XT Proprietary Blend

Another component in 191XT its proprietary Blend that, of course includes a subset of other ingredients, including velvet extract of deer antler L-arginine HCl epimedium, Tribulus and LongJack.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract

Deer velvet extract from antlers is the primary ingredient in this recipe. There is a variety of claims about it’s ability to increase strength, muscle mass, endurance, and numerous other benefits. This is because of the notion that it will boost IGF-1 levels, which can affect growth hormone as well. But, there is an absence of human research. The majority of human studies provide no conclusive proof for any of these claims.

L-Arginine HCl

Another ingredient in this Proprietary Blend includes L-arginine HCl is a variant from the amino acid called arginine. The arginine compound increases the level of nitric Oxide and can increase blood flow to muscles as well as improve muscle contractions. It also plays a part in boosting growth hormone and reducing the buildup of lactate, ammonia and the other metabolic byproducts that are produced by exercising. Additionally, it may improve Oxygenation and the oxidation of carbohydrate.

In essence, it improves the various mechanisms that are involved in exercising performance. Research has shown that supplementing with arginine improves aspects of endurance as well as high-intensity athletic performance. However, the dosage is quite high (1.5 to 12g per day).


The next plant to be discussed is epimedium often referred to as the the horny goatweed. The amusing name is thought to originate from a farmer who noticed an increase in sexual activity among goats that ate the plant. There is evidence that shows epimedium may enhance sexual activity for males and boost the libido of males. It could also increase the production of Nitric oxide, which has many benefits not previously discussed.


Although it’s not an official Tribulus supplement, as is the case from NutraChamps Tribulus and NutraChamps Tribulus, it’s not a surprise that this extract of herbs is part of the 191XT mix. It’s a potent source of phytochemicals which could increase testosterone as well as other sex hormones. It can also boost libido as well as the production of sperm in males. There is evidence to suggest that Tribulus improves the flow of blood and oxygen that may help fitness performance and may even improve sexual function.


The final ingredient is LongJack which is known under different names like Tongkat Ali. Longjack is known for quite a while to improve several aspects of sexual health for males. The herb has been found to improve erectile function, sexual performance, improve the libido of men, positively impact semen and sperm health and boost overall satisfaction with sexual activity. The majority of these advantages are due to the ability of longjack to boost testosterone levels. Although some studies have shown inconsistent results, the majority of studies have proven the mentioned benefits to be real.

Does 191XT Work?

If you look at everything that has been said has been said so far, it’s likely that 191XT will be effective however it will differ from the claims of Primal Muscle claims. The most important thing to note is that the main ingredient, velvet deer extract, is of little or any evidence of effectiveness for humans. However, the other ingredients particularly those found included in the Proprietary Blend will likely to prove effective in accordance with exhaustive study. But, as it’s a blend it is not known how much in each component is the blend, and it’s difficult to know the effectiveness of it.

Claims Vs. Reality

191XT promises amazing results for the growth of muscles and hormone production and fitness, fat loss endurance, energy recuperation, cognition and mental well-being. However, based on the ingredient list there are only a handful claimants are actually true.

It’s likely that you’ll get a bit of an increase in your fitness performance with arginine, Tribulus and epimedium as well as possibly Niacin. However the results will not be as impressive as the Primal Muscle claims. The primary ingredient they use velvet extract of deer antler isn’t actually proven to accomplish all of these things on humans.

Arginine could also help in recovering from exercise. This may aid in building more muscles.

Regarding the benefits of hormones I wouldn’t anticipate to see much growth in IGF-1. The primary hormone benefit you’ll experience is increased testosterone. This is primarily a result of longjack but as well from epimedium and Tribulus.

Finally, there is not enough evidence to prove that the components in 191XT could result in fat loss as well as enhanced metabolic rate, cognitive improvement, or mood enhancement/other positive effects on mental wellbeing.

Who Is 191XT Best For?

191XT is likely to be a good choice for males experiencing low libido or fatigue, poor exercise performance, or anything else connected to low testosterone or other aspects of aging males. This means that 191XT is recommended for males who are over 40 or feel older than they wish to.

Is 191XT Safe?

Below are some typical adverse reactions that can be experienced, based on components in 191XT:

  • Itching and skin flushing
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting stomach pain as well as constipation and bloating.
  • A decrease in appetite
  • Allergy reactions
  • Acute asthma and airway inflammation
  • Heartbeat irregularity, low blood pressure and nosebleeds
  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in mood, insomnia insanity and restlessness

Where To Buy 191XT

If you’re interested in purchasing 191XT, you can buy it from this site. Primal Muscle’s website here..

Each bottle of 191XT includes 30 portions (180 sprays) at $69.99 for a single purchase. This means that the option is priced at a cost of 2 dollars per serving. It is possible to save a substantial quantity of dollars by signing up for the service on a month-to-month basis at which point the cost is reduced to $46.19 which is about $1.50 for each serving.

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