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15 Questions to Ask Your Crush When Texting

If you are shy, finding topics to discuss with your crush can be nerve-wracking. While you don’t want your crush to be too excited, you don’t want them to think you’re a showoff.

You might have a crush on someone and want to follow them. What topics to discuss with your crush?

You want to learn about their likes, dislikes, and funny stories. If you aren’t naturally extrovert you may need help in finding the right words to say to your crush.

Questions to Ask Your Crush When Texting

It is not a good way of starting or continuing a conversation by saying ‘Hi’ or “Hmm”. You might replace that with something like, “Hey!” Have you had any fun today? To get them talking, you can say something like “Sounds like there is a fun story behind it!”

To improve your conversation skills, ask your crush some questions. This isn’t a game you should play with your crush. These are just questions you can ask your crush to keep them talking. Let’s just get to it.

  1. Please tell me about your favourite childhood memory

This can be a great way to start a conversation with your new guy in the early days of dating and messaging him. You can ask him questions like these if you really want to get know him.

  1. Are you into adventure sports?

It is a good way to have conversation with someone, but you can go further by understanding your crush’s likes and dislikes.

  1. Are you a victim of heartbreak?

This is not the kind of question you would ask your crush during a long day at work. This is one of those questions you bring up at the end of the day. You’ll understand what I’m referring to…

  1. What do you see yourself as in five years?

This question can help you get to know your crush better and understand their life goals. Do they live in a small studio? Or do they prefer to be surrounded by 5 golden retrievers in a large house?

  1. Mountain or beach?

This is a simple, subtle and straightforward way to gain insight into the person they are. This question is universally loved by everyone.

  1. Which is your dream place to live?

This is a great way for your crush to have a lengthy conversation. Ask them about their favorite things about the city. Are they drawn to the people, culture, or general atmosphere? Keep the conversation going by telling them about your favorite place to live.

  1. What do you love most about your favorite sitcom show?

It can be quite common to ask them what TV show they enjoy. Instead, she will give you a full-blown rant about the shows that she loves.

  1. Are you a criminal?

There will be some crazy and dirty stories! These stories to share with your crush will not only be fun, but also bring you closer.

  1. Please tell me about your first experience…

It’s R-rated so if your child is under 18, you can skip it.

  1. What is your dream life?

It’s possible it won’t be possible, but it is still possible to fantasize about it. Ask her about yours, and she will give you a peek into hers.

  1. Which was your greatest compliment?

This simple question can help you get a good idea of the type of crush you are. Are they more interested in being complimented for their looks than their talents? What are they most proud of?

  1. Who are your go-to people?

Are they their mother, their dog or their hairdresser

  1. What would you change about yourself?

It’s possible for this conversation to become a lengthy one so keep it light-hearted. To understand their perceptions of themselves, ask them what they would change about themselves.

  1. In 3 words, describe your ideal partner

Are we taking notes?

  1. Which song is your soundtrack?

You may be hoping that he will say Run To You by Bryan Adams, but let’s not get too unrealistic. This is a fun way to not only be witty, but also get to know your crush better. This concludes our list of topics to discuss with your crush. There’s something for everyone. What are you waiting for?! Start typing!



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