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14 DIY Phone Stands That You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less

These are some creative and easy DIY ideas for a phone stand that you should consider.

In this age of smartphone technology, a phone stand is an essential accessory. This allows you to prop up your phone for seamless Zoom meetings and movie watching. You don’t need one? This list contains 14 creative and easy DIY phone stands that you can create in under five minutes.


1. Wooden Phone Stand

For a rustic look, you can use wood to make your DIY phone stand. Choose your favorite wood and cut it according to the size of your phone. Create a groove in the groove that creates a slight angle for your phone so it is perfectly tilted when you use it.

This phone stand is one of the most versatile you will ever find. There are so many designs to choose from that it’s easy to customize. It can be made multifunctional by adding pockets for your keys or watch. You might also consider making a unique phone charging station.

2. DIY Phone Stand made from Spoons and Forks

This simple phone stand is perfect for friends who love to cook or are passionate about cooking. Make a mini-spoonman phone stand by taking three forks and two spoons. Attach them and bend them like the video shows.

3. Phone Stand made of Card

In three easy steps, you can transform an old credit card into a DIY stand for your phone. You can easily remove a corner and create a notch large enough to hold your phone. You can stream Suits from your phone using a DIY phone stand

4. Use Pencils to Stand Your Phone

You need a simple, diy phone stand to record your next presentation. Take five pencils, and make a triangle with three of them. Secure the triangle using string or rubber bands. Add an exitra pencil to one end for the base.

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To support the stand, tie a fifth pencil to the corner of the triangle opposite the base. This DIY phone stand is functional and easy to make. It takes just minutes to make.

5. Phone Stand made from Cups

Instead of throwing more party cups in the environment, make a DIY phone holder that you can use all around the house. It’s easy to do. Make a hole in the middle of the two cups. Then, place the third cup between them. You can make a phone stand out of cups that you would have thrown away.

You can have fun painting, coloring, drawing cute designs on the cups or covering them with washi tape. You can also use a single disposable coffee cup or ice cream container to do this.


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6. Chair Phone Holder

You can make a phone stand using your favorite chair and a few popsicle sticks. To give the phone stand a miniature, realistic feel, you can use a lawn, rocking or hanging chair as a model. You can use popsicle sticks or any other suitable material, including wire and wood.

7. DIY Phone Stand from Binder Clips

To make this one, grab a pair binder clips from your business reports and clip them together to create an obstruction for your phone. Position your phone in the correct position. There are many ways you can use clips to hold your phone, as shown in the video.

8. Keychain Phone Stand

You can make a portable phone stand by attaching a piece wood to a keychain. You can mark the spot where your phone will be placed on the wood, depending on its size. The wood can be painted or left plain.

9. Phone Stand using Toilet Paper Roll

Sometimes, all you need is a roll of toilet paper to make a DIY phone stand. You can then cut it into any shape you like and use it for your smartphone investment.

You can decorate your phone with any pattern or stickers that you like. Push pins can be attached to your phone to increase its stability and make it standout. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to designing toilet paper rolls.

10. Ice cream sticks phone holder

To make this DIY phone stand, you will need hot glue, a pencil and scissors if you have a lot of popsicle sticks or ice cream that you don’t use anymore.

Like other projects, there are a lot of designs that you can make. This project is open to all your creative ideas.

11. Phone Stand Made from Cardboard

You will need a piece at least 12cm x 15cm thick of cardboard and a pair scissors to make this phone stand. To make a practical and inexpensive phone stand, cut it into pieces.

Do-it-yourself projects don’t need to be difficult. These simple DIY engineering projects for children are also available to you and your child.

12. Phone Holder with Wine Corks

This project will require six wine corks. Use a sharp knife to carefully cut a notch in the three corks. To make a sturdy holder for your phone, glue the six corks together. Enjoy a glass of wine and watch a movie later on the phone.


13. Paper Mobile Stand

This paper holder is the best DIY phone stand. Any type of paper can be used, even pages from magazines.

Once you have this all sorted out, you can make your phone stand with glue and scissors or create origami phone stands by following these steps.

14. Paper Clips Phone Stand

You need to stream something quickly in your home office but don’t have a phone stand. You can use a pair big paper clips to make a phone stand. Simply bend one loop 90° and one 45° back. Now you have a phone stand.

Handy and practical DIY phone stands to make at home

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a phone stand. All you need is a toilet paper roll, paper clips and cardboard. This list will help you make a simple and useful DIY phone stand.



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