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13 Netflix Common Error Codes and How To Fix Them

These are the most common error codes on Netflix. Learn what they mean and what you can do about it.


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Netflix is a great streaming platform with tons of content that you can watch on a variety of devices. Sometimes, Netflix error codes can stop you from moving forward.

It is always frustrating to receive an error message while binging on your favorite Netflix series. What are the most common Netflix error codes and how can they be fixed?

  1. How to fix Netflix error code 11800

Netflix error 11800 will be displayed if there is an issue with the playback on your mobile device. The error code is usually accompanied by one or both of the following messages:

This item was not available for play. You can try again later or choose a different item. Go to for more information.


You cannot play this title. Please try again later.

This means that your device’s information is outdated or damaged and must be updated. This error is most commonly found on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Restarting your device is the best way to correct this error. This will clear any information that was used by Netflix and allow you to reload the content. If that fails, you can update Netflix through the App Shop.

2. How to fix Netflix error code M7111-1331

This error occurs when you try to access Netflix using a browser.

It could be a sign that you are linking to a page that no longer exists. This can be fixed by going directly to

This could also be due to an incompatibility between your browser extensions. To fix this error, disable browser extensions.

3. How to fix Netflix error code F7111-5059

If you attempt to access Netflix using a proxy or Virtual Private Network (VPN), this error will occur.

Netflix does not have the rights to show certain content in all countries. This means that users cannot access Netflix content outside of their country. The service is now cracking down on those who use a VPN to access Netflix.

This can be annoying if you use a VPN to secure your location, or if you want to connect to Netflix. Instead, disconnect your VPN/proxy and then refresh the page.


You can also use VPNs, which still work with Netflix.

4. How to fix Netflix Playback Error Code 1013

The error code is similar to the one that appears when you use Netflix and try to download an episode, movie or video while using a VPN. The error message will appear: “There was an issue with this download. (10013)”

As with the previous issue, this problem can be fixed by disabling your proxy or VPN. You’ll be able download your content normally once it has been disabled.

5. How to Fix Netflix Error (AVF:11800;OS:42800;)

Netflix allows you to download movies and episodes to your phone to watch offline. Sometimes, however, you might get an error message saying “This title cannot be watched offline.” (AVF:11800;OS:42800;).”


This indicates that the file you’re trying to view has become corrupted or has been deleted or moved. This is because the file cannot be re-downloaded if there isn’t an internet connection.

This error can be fixed if you have internet access. Click the arrow icon at bottom of the app to go to the Downloads section. Or tap the menu icon and select My downloads. Tap Edit at the top-right corner. To delete a file, select it and tap the X icon.

You should now be able to view the episode or movie again.


6. How to Fix Netflix Errors UI-800-3

Netflix error UI-803-3 is displayed when you use a Blu-ray player or Roku box, smart TV, Roku box, games console, smart television, or Amazon Fire Stick. This error means that your device’s information is outdated and must be updated.

Restarting your device can fix this problem. Try signing out of Netflix and signing back in again if that doesn’t work. If that fails, you can also disconnect your device from the network and restart your router to reconnect it.

7. How to Fix Netflix Errors 10023-10008

This error occurs when your iOS app is unable to download content due to a network connectivity problem. This is usually caused by a block on your internet connection. If you’re on a Wi-Fi network at school or work, there might be a firewall that blocks streaming.

Try connecting to another Wi-Fi network to fix the error.

Alternativly, the problem could be caused by your device showing an incorrect time. Make sure you check the date and time settings on your device.


8. How to fix Netflix error 10025 or 30103

These errors are accompanied by a message that says, “Cannot play the title.” Please try again later. This is usually because your Netflix app has become out of date. Try first updating your Netflix app. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can uninstall and reinstall Netflix. Remember your login details.

Sometimes, this error can be corrected by restarting your device.

Finally, ensure that you use an HDMI adapter to view content from Apple devices on external displays.

9. How to fix a “Network Error” (Error NW-2-5/NW-3

You might get an error message saying “Network Error” when using iOS devices. To continue downloading, you will need to connect to the internet. You can also see error codes on devices like smart TVs, games consoles, and Blu-ray players, such as NW-2-5 and NW-3-6.

These codes are indicative of a network connectivity problem that is preventing your device contacting Netflix servers. To fix it, first restart your device. If this fails, you can try moving closer to the Wi-Fi source to obtain a stronger signal or using a wired connection. Try restarting your router if this fails.


10. How to fix an “unexpected error” on Netflix

A message saying “There was an unanticipated error” is one of the most common errors that you might see when using Netflix from a web browser. Reload the page to try again.

Refresh the page to fix it. Try clearing the browser’s cache or browser history. If this doesn’t work, restart your computer.

11. How to Fix Netflix Error Code 12118119

This error is most common on Apple products, such as iPads, iPhones and anything running Apple TV. This error occurs when data on your device is not up to date.

You will need to turn your device on and off again in order to fix the Netflix error code 128112. Apple TV will require you to unplug your TV from its power source and leave it there for 2 minutes before plugging it back in.

12. How to fix Netflix error code -1001 or 0-1157

These error codes will appear as “Sorry we couldn’t reach Netflix” (-1001) or “An error occurred loading the content.” These are signs that your device is unable to connect to Netflix servers.

The first thing you can do is to restart the app or device. If this doesn’t work, your router may be the problem. You can improve your Wi-Fi signal by moving your device closer to it. If that fails, your Wi-Fi may be at fault.


13. How to fix Netflix error code NW-4-7

The error code NW-4-7 can be a little more complex and will vary depending on the device.

This could be due to a connectivity problem or data needs refreshing. Similar steps will be required as before, including restarting your device, app, and checking Wi Fi connections (especially if streaming is not allowed).

If you are watching Netflix via a console, and have tried the options previously, you will need to verify your DNS settings. In your Xbox or PlayStation’s menu set your DNS to Auto. You should also be able to Test Connection on PlayStation; if this works, Netflix should as well. If it doesn’t, you may have a problem with the home network.

All Devices Can Fix Netflix Error Codes

These tips will help you fix most Netflix errors on your mobile device, smart TV, or web browser. Most cases, you can close the app and log out to fix any errors. You may also be able to restart your device.




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