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13 Best PS2 Emulator for Android

You’re a gamer and love to play games on your Android phone. You want to enjoy your favorite games with a classy experience. You’ve come to this page to find the best PS2 Emulators for your Android phone. Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and you must keep up with it. Many of the features found in PCs are now accessible on smartphones, so why not PS2 Emulator! We can’t disappoint you! Continue reading and you’ll find your ideal PS2 emulator in 2021 right here.

What is PS2?

PS stands for Play Station. Sony’s Play Station is the most loved gaming console ever released. The PS2, which is also known as the PS3 Roms, has been sold approximately 159 million units. The most popular gaming console, Play Station 2, has sold an estimated 159 million units. This console’s sales are so impressive that no other console has reached such high levels. Many local emulators and copies of the playstation were created as the console gained popularity.

Play station and its emulators were only compatible with PCs at the time. Many people dreamed of playing the playstation on their android phones, but emulators weren’t compatible with them. Today, emulators can be used with Android phones. Many emulators are specifically designed for Android phones, as the features and power of Android devices has improved dramatically.

What are Emulators?

Emulator is an application that can run on a system but act as another system. An emulator for Windows allows your Android phone to function as Windows. You only need to install the emulator’s exe file into your phone. It can be understood as an emulator that mimics another system’s working. A PS2 emulator makes it possible for your android devices support the playstation features. This means that you can run PS2 as an app on your android smartphone.

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  • 13 Best PS2 Emulator for Android (2021)
  • 1. DamonPS2 Pro
  • 2. FPse
  • 3. Play!
  • 4. Gold PS2 Emulator
  • 5. PPSSPP
  • 6. PTWOE
  • 7. Golden PS2
  • 8. NEW PS2 Emulator
  • 9. NDS Emulator
  • 10. Free Pro PS2 Emulator
  • 11. EmuBox
  • 12. ePSXe Android
  • 13. Pro PlayStation

13 Best PS2 Emulator for Android (2021)

Let’s now look at our top list of PS2 Emulators to your Android phone.

1. DamonPS2 Pro

Many experts have praised DamonPS2 Pro as the best PS2 emulator. DamonPS2 Pro is the fastest emulator ever. This emulator can run over 90% of PS2 games according to the developers. This emulator is compatible with over 20% of PS2 games.

The app is even more compatible with phones with inbuilt gaming space to enhance gameplay. The app uses very little power, but it runs at a high framerate. The frame rate is a measure of the game’s playability. Your gaming experience is also affected by your phone. DamonPS2 compatibility may not be available on your phone. You might feel that the game is lagging or freezing when you play high-resolution games.

Smooth gameplay will be possible if you own an Android device that has a Snapdragon 825 or higher processor. Damon is being continuously developed, so you’ll soon be able to enjoy a great gaming experience even with lower specs.

This application has a major problem: you’ll have to accept frequent ads in the free version. Your gameplay may be affected by the ads. The pro version of the app will work fine. The DamonPS2 Pro can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

DamonPS2 Pro

2. FPse

The FPse emulator is not a PS2 emulator. It’s an emulator for the Sony PSX, or more accurately PS1. This app is for those who wish to experience the joy of PC gaming on the android. This app’s compatibility and small size is the best thing about it. This app is compatible with android 2.1 and above. The file size of the app is only 6.9 MB. This emulator requires very little system requirements.

This app is however not free. This app is not available in a free version. If you want to use the app, you will need to purchase it. It costs only $3 to buy. You can go back to your Gaming days once you have it. There are many games you can play, including Final Fantasy 7, Tekken and CB: Warped. This app offers a great gaming experience with excellent sound.

This emulator works with PS1 and PSX, so don’t be alarmed. Only problem is the control settings. However, the interface can be changed.

Download FPse

3. Play!

This emulator is unfortunately not available on the Google Play Store. It will be necessary to download the emulator from the website. However, it’s a simple process. It is easy to download and install from the website. It is free to download. It works with all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android and OS X.

The emulator is easy to configure and can run on high-end devices. Play! does not require BIOS. Many emulators will need BIOS to run the game. app.

Although this application is an excellent PS2 emulator, it does have its flaws. Low-end devices can’t run high-end graphics games such as Resident Evil 4. To run all games smoothly, this app needs high-performance devices. Its frame rate is responsible for the game’s fizzy quality. Play! Play! It can also take long loading times, which could affect your gaming mood.

It is not too late to keep it. The app is still being improved every day.

Download Play!

4. Gold PS2 Emulator

The app is very easy to install and has many advantages. It does not require a BIOS file. It doesn’t require any BIOS file and the system requirements are minimal. This app also supports cheat codes, which is the best thing about it. You can also save your games to the SD card. You can also run this app in other formats such as ZIP 7Z, RAR.

This app has not been updated in a while, which could cause issues with you. There may be bugs, fuzziness and glitches. These can make gaming difficult. The Gold PS2 presumes that your device is capable of running a specific game. This could be problematic.

This app’s source and developer circle are not obvious, so be careful when downloading it. This app appears more obscure than other apps.

Download PS2 Emulator


PPSSPP is one the most highly-rated emulators in Google Play Store. This app can transform your android phone into a high-end PS2 console in seconds. This emulator offers the most features. This app is optimized for small screens. This app can be used on iOS as well as android.

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It is still one of the most highly-rated apps, but users have complained about bugs and other issues. This emulator also offers PPSSPP Gold, which is intended to help the developers. PPSSPP Emulator offers a variety of cool games, including FIFA, Burnout Legends, and Dragon Ball Z.

Download PPSSPP


PTWOE began its journey via Google Play Store, but it is no longer available there. The APK can be downloaded from the website. There are two versions of this emulator. They differ in speed, UI, bugs and other factors. Your preferences will determine which one you choose, and unfortunately we cannot help you. The version you choose will depend on the compatibility of your Android device. You can customize your controls and settings.

Download PTWOE

7. Golden PS2

Although you may think the Gold PS2 and Golden PS2 look identical, I assure you they aren’t. The Golden PS2 emulator has a multi-featured packet emulator. Fas emulators developed this.

The PS2 emulator works with many devices and doesn’t require any high-end specifications. You can use it to play PSP-games and supports stunning high graphics. It supports NEON acceleration as well as a 16-by-9 display. This app is not available in the Play Store so you will need to download the APK from the website.

Download Golden PS2

8. NEW PS2 Emulator

Please don’t follow the name. This emulator isn’t as old as it sounds. This emulator was created by Xpert LLC and supports PS2, PS1, PSX, and PSX. It supports nearly all file formats, which is the best part about NEW PS2 emulator. For example – ZIP, 7Z, .cbn, cue, MDF, .bin, etc.

Graphics are the only problem with this emulator. Graphics have not performed well since its launch. This app is still an excellent choice for PS2 Emulators, despite graphics being the main concern.

Download NEW PS2 Emulator

9. NDS Emulator

The user review has made this emulator a part of this list. This emulator is easy to set up and very user-friendly, according to the reviews. You can adjust everything within the emulator, from screen resolutions to control settings. It supports NDS game files (e.g.,.nds External gamepads are also supported. All these features are completely free.

It was developed by Nintendo and is the oldest emulator. The ads will be a problem. Although the constant display of ads can be annoying, it is still a great emulator that is worth trying. This emulator might be a good choice if you have an Android device with version 6 or higher. If your device is not above android version 6, there are other emulators available.

Download NDS Emulator

10. Free Pro PS2 Emulator

Because of its frame speed, this emulator made it onto our list. The Free Pro PS2 emulator offers up to 60 frames per seconds for most games.

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It is important to remember that frame speeds are heavily dependent on your android device’s hardware. This supports many formats, including.toc and.bin as well as MDF and 7z. The BIOS is not required to run the games on a device.

Download Free Pro PS2 Emulator

11. EmuBox

EmuBox, a free emulator, supports Nintendo, GBA and NES ROMs with PS2. You can use 20 RAM save slots with this PS2 emulator android. You can also plug in external controllers and gamepads. You can easily adjust the settings to optimize performance for your android device.

EmuBox offers a way to speed up your game so you can save time. We found the emulator to be a bit slow due to ads. This emulator has a lot of ads.

Download EmuBox

12. ePSXe Android

This emulator supports both the PSX- and PSOne games. This emulator is fast and compatible with high quality sound. It supports ARM and Intel Atom X86. You can get up to 60 frames per second if you have an Android with high specs.

Download the ePSXe

13. Pro PlayStation

Pro PlayStation can also emulate the PS2 well. The app offers a realistic gaming experience and an intuitive UI. This app has many features, including saving maps, saving state and GPU rendering. It is superior to most emulators.

It supports many Hardware controls, and has amazing rendering capabilities. It does not require high-end smartphones. You won’t experience any major bugs or glitches even if your Android phone is low-end.

Download Pro PlayStation

You won’t have a great gaming experience yet, as the Android emulators are still in development. To experience great gaming, you need strong specifications. Although the apps listed above still require improvements, they are the best available as of right now. DamonPS2 & PPSSPP are among the most highly rated PS2 Emulators and have the best features. We recommend these two emulators.




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