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12 Discord Tips and Tricks Every User Should Know

Discord is more than meets the eye. These Discord tips will help you get more from Discord.


Discord is now one of the most popular chat platforms online. Discord started as a gaming platform. It has since expanded to include many other features. The app is now used by all kinds of people, from crypto investors to businesses.

Discord is easy to use, but there’s more to Discord than meets your eye if you look. Here are some Discord tricks and tips that every user should know.

1. Special Discord Integrations

Discord integrates with many common apps. To reap the benefits, you just need to make the connections.

There are 11 supported apps in total. These include Battle.net and Twitch. YouTube, Twitch. YouTube, Blizzard Entertainment Steam, Reddit Facebook, Twitter Spotify, Xbox Live, YouTube, Twitch, YouTube. Each integration has its own features. They all allow you to sync data from linked apps directly into your Discord server.

You can set up Discord integrations using your desktop app by going to User settings > Connections, and clicking on the icons of the apps.

2. You can control your discord notifications

Your notifications can spiral out of control if you’re a member of multiple Discord servers. It’s not helpful to open the app to find thousands of unread messages. You can’t possibly process that much information.

Discord allows you to have granular control over your notifications. You can modify your preferences at the channel level and at the user level.

You can edit your general notification settings, such as desktop messages and unread notification badges, by going to User Options > Notifications. To turn off notifications for all servers, right-click the icon of the server and choose Server Mute. If you want to disable alerts only for one channel, click on its name and select Mute [Channel Number].

3. Discord Server Folders

Discord introduced support for server folders in July 2019. This was a feature that many users have requested for years. Server folders allow you to organize the servers that you have on the left-hand screen into easier to manage groups. The folders make it much simpler to use for people who belong to dozens of groups.


Drag the icon of one server onto another server’s to create a new folder. Right-clicking on the folder will allow you to rename, change its color and adjust other settings.

4. Discord: Use Markdown

A cool Discord trick that many people don’t know about is the app’s support for Markdown. Markdown, a lightweight markup language, was created in 2004. Although it has many uses, most people use markdown to create rich text with a plain text editor. This means that you can use markdown in order to format your messages as you wish.

These are the top markdown writing tips that you need to know:

  • Bold: **[TEXT]**
  • Italics: *[TEXT]* or _[TEXT]_
  • Underscore: __[TEXT]__
  • Strikethrough: ~~Strikethrough~~
  • Code: `[TEXT]`
  • Hyperlink: [Hyperlink! ]([URL])
  • Remove embeds: <[URL]>


These codes can be used liberally to make sure your messages stand out among the rest.

5. Set Up Discord Hotkeys

Hotkeys in Discord, also known as Keybinds, allow you to set which keys trigger specific actions within an app. You can set up one key or multiple keys.

These are the actions they can be used for:

  • Activate overlay chat
  • Push to Talk (Normal).
  • Push to Talk (Priority).
  • Toggle Mute
  • Toggle Deafen
  • You can toggle VAD
  • Toggle Streamer Mode
  • Toggle Overlay
  • Toggle Overlay Lock

Go to User Options > Keybinds to set up Keybinds. To enter your preferred combinations, click on Record.

6. Use Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Discord provides a variety of keyboard shortcuts, as you would expect. Expert users depend on them heavily; if there are many simultaneous chats, it is important to be able bounce between them quickly.


Some Discord shortcuts are well worth learning include:

  • Switch servers: Ctrl + alt + Up/Down
  • Switch channels: alt + up/down
  • Scroll through unread messages with Alt + Shift + Down/Up
  • Mark channel as read: Escape
  • Mark server as read: Shift + Escape
  • Jump to the oldest unread message Shift + page up
  • Toggle emoji window: Ctrl + E
  • Toggle deafen: Ctrl + Shift + D
  • Answer a call: Ctrl + Enter
  • Edit your last message: Up

Keyboard shortcuts are different from hotkeys because you can’t edit or remove them. They are embedded into Discord.

7. Install Discord Bots

Many communication apps are increasingly relying on bots. They can be found in everything, from Facebook Messenger to Telegram.

Discord is no exception. Discord is no different. There are many community-developed Discord Bots that each fulfill a specific role. GAwesome bot is a tool that can be used for polls and giveaways. GameStats allows you to rank your gaming stats against your friends. There’s also a quiz-themed bot called TriviaBot.

Most bots can be installed and used for free. Administrators can only add bots to servers, but they can be added to their personal rooms.


8. Discord Nitro available for purchase

You should upgrade to the paid Pro version, Discord Nitro, if you feel the basic version is not sufficient for your needs.

Discord Nitro offers some additional features. You can create a Discord tag for the duration of your subscription, share your screen in either 60 FPS or 1080p (30 frames per second), increase the file upload limit (from 8MB up to 50MB or 100MB), upload GIFs and use global custom Emojis.

Discord Nitro costs $50/year or $5/month. You can also get server boosts with a higher-priced plan. These boosts are mostly gimmicks, and they don’t justify the $10/month/100/year price.

9. Type Discord Chat Commands

Discord has many in-app chat commands. These commands are only available for iOS and desktop users. Android users will be disappointed.

These commands are popular and can be used to help you get started.

  • /nick Let’s change your server-specific nickname (assuming that permission is turned off). After the command, enter your new nickname.
  • /tenor, and : This allows you to search the internet for animated GIFs.
  • /spoiler Hide your message so that other users don’t see spoilers for TV shows and games.
  • /shrug ?_ /- output to the chat window.
  • [emoji]. Typing after an emoji will display the Unicode emoji image instead of the Discord one.
  • s/[text]/[new Text] This command allows you to correct typos in a previous message. s/banana/banana would, for example, replace the incorrect spelling of “banana” with the correct spelling.


10. Edit Voice Processing Settings

Discord’s most popular trick is to increase your mic’s output using its powerful voice processing capabilities. Echo Cancelation, Noise Reduction and Automatic Gain Control are all settings you can toggle on/off. A beta noise suppression tool can be used for your microphone.

These settings can be used to help you hear the other person you are talking to. All of them are enabled by default. If you have a good mic, however, they can be more of an obstruction than a help.

11. Enable 2FA in Discord

If you are anything like us, then you will be a member on dozens of Discord servers covering various topics. It’s not your intention to allow anyone to access all of that information. This is a window into your life, hobbies and friends, which must be kept safe.

2FA is one of the best ways you can ensure security for your Discord account. You will need to enable 2FA every time you log into Discord. To enable 2FA in Discord, go to Settings >My Account > Enable 2-Factor Auth.


Learn more about 2FA by reading our article The pros and cons of different 2FA methods.

12. Enable Discord Developer Mode

Discord Developer Mode is designed primarily for Discord developers.

If you own a server, however, you should turn it on because you can quickly get the unique multi-digit IDs of all users, individual messages and servers. These can be used to customize Discord for your server’s members.

Go to Settings > Appearance> > Advanced > Developer Mode.

Here are more discord tips and tricks that you should know

To get more out of Discord, we’ve listed some of the top Discord tips and tricks. These are only a few of many Discord tips and tricks. How to locate the best Discord servers, and How to create your own Discord server are some of the things you can learn about Discord.

In no time you will become a powerful user!

Building a strong community

The app started out as a chat app for gamers. It now has many features. These features allow users to create communities and keep them organized using the powerful bots and other features of Discord. It’s high-time you check out the Discord secrets that we have discussed thus far.



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