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12 cool accessories for PS5 you can purchase (not just the Sony ones).

These accessories will help you get the best out of your PS5 console. We’ve looked beyond the official Sony stuff.

You must feel pretty happy right now that you have managed to beat the scalpers, and you got a Friday discount. Why not celebrate the end of a terrible year with the best next-gen experience possible? These are our top picks for the best PS5 accessories.

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller


Sony’s DualSense wireless controller is the best. DualShock 4 users will recognize the familiar layout of the DualSense wireless controller, which includes the D-pad, circle, cross, triangle, and square buttons. However, the DualSense has amazing new features, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. To get a better idea of how it works, watch this video or Astro’s Playroom gameplay. This will show you all the new features of this controller. You’ll be glad you bought two of these, which will give you an extra controller for local multiplayer and a DualSense charging dock.


Price: PS57 | Amazon | Argos | data-offer-url=”https://ao.com/product/p5aepjsny39950-sony-playstation-gaming-accessories-white-79530-292.aspx?” href=”https://ao.com/product/p5aepjsny39950-sony-playstation-gaming-accessories-white-79530-292.aspx? “>AO



It has taken almost a year since the PlayStation 5’s launch. Sony finally released the update, allowing users to make full use of the console’s extra storage capacity. This is a great addition considering its 825GB internal storage. Western Digital has provided a wide range of fast SSDs for the PS5 that range from 500GB up to 2TB, as well as an option for a heatsink. The 1TB model was tested with a heatsink. It was very easy to install, and there were simple instructions provided from PlayStation. To keep your next-generation console running at its best, the SSD can read speeds of up to 7k MB/s.



Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel

Thrustmaster’s T300 RS racing wheels were one of the best Black Friday deals we found. The 28cm-diameter racing wheel has a strong base and pedals. We also rate it as having superior force feedback to the Logitech g29. This wheel was the best for PS4 racing sims. It also works with the PS5 – an excellent buy before the launch of Gran Turismo 7 next.

Price: PS380 | Amazon

Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700 headset

The Asus headset, which was reviewed in December last year is still a great gaming headset for gamers looking for a third-party option to the Pulse 3D Wireless headset. You can pair the headset with Bluetooth to your phone to listen to music while on the move. The sound quality is excellent with a controlled, rumbling bass. Although the microphone doesn’t have the best quality, it can deliver tactics to your teammates in Call of Duty Warzone. These headphones are also professional looking, with no flashing lights that can be seen on some “hardcore” gaming products.



Price: PS240 | Amazon | data-offer-url=”https://www.very.co.uk/asus-rog-strix-fusion-700-gaming-headset-ndash-ps4/1600305421.prd?” href=”https://www.very.co.uk/asus-rog-strix-fusion-700-gaming-headset-ndash-ps4/1600305421.prd? “>Very

Sonos Arc soundbar

It might be worth it to upgrade your PS5 to the ultimate in wireless multi-room audio. The Sonos Arc was reviewed back in June. It had an excellent finish, great control options and a wide range of sound effects. Although it isn’t the best Dolby atmos soundbar, it is certainly one of the most affordable.

Price: PS895 | Amazon | data-offer-url=”https://www.sonos.com/en-gb/shop/arc.html?” href=”https://www.sonos.com/en-gb/shop/arc.html? “>Sonos | Selfridges


Are you looking for a TV? Bravia’s XH90 is “Ready for PlayStation 5” The XH90 has all the features that you need to have a great gaming experience. It boasts a 4K image at 120fps and a low input lag (7.2ms) for all you esports players. BRAVIA’s Game Mode feature allows you to wake up the TV and PS5 simultaneously with DualSense, and control the PS5 from the TV remote. You can find other options in our guide to best TVs.


John Lewis

Secretlab Titan gaming chair

It’s important to have a chair that is versatile enough to serve multiple purposes, such as an office chair or a more casual chair for relaxing. With its Titan chair, Secretlab meets this need. This chair is ideal for gaming or long work sessions and features a lumbar support adjustment similar to high-end racing cars. You can also extend the full-length backrest recline and relax on its memory foam pillow to watch Netflix on your PS5.


Seagate Game Drive 4TB Portable Hard Drive

The PS5’s limited storage capacity is a problem. With system files, there are approximately 667.2GB of available space. This 4TB external hard drive will solve this problem. It can store and play backwards compatible PS4 games and free up space.


Price: PS85 | Amazon | data-offer-url=”https://www.very.co.uk/seagate-4tbnbspgame-drive-for-playstation-black/1600260337.prd?” href=”https://www.very.co.uk/seagate-4tbnbspgame-drive-for-playstation-black/1600260337.prd? “>Very

PS VR adaptor to PS5


The PlayStation VR is an excellent piece of kit, and a great introduction to virtual reality. Although Half-Life Alyx won’t be available on the console anytime soon, there are still great apps and games to play, including Rez infinite and Skyrim VR. Sony will give you a free camera adaptor if you have the PSVR pack. You just need to go to this website and enter your PSVR serial number.

Samsung Premiere LSP7T projector


If you miss the cinema, don’t worry – you can bring the experience home with a UHD projector. You can save space, even though your room will be stuffed with PS5 accessories. The Samsung Premiere LSP7T was just released in the UK and offers a premium entertainment experience. You can also check our list of best projectors if you want a less expensive option.



Price: PS3,999 | Samsung | Selfridges

Anker USB C to USB C cable

Sony includes in every box a cable to charge your DualSense controllers. It’s not generous in length. This is fine if you’re sitting right in front a monitor or TV, but not if your setup is further back. Anker has your back. This 6ft Anker Cable is available for as low as PS8. It will solve any cable restrictions that you may have. Anker’s Powerline III Cable is USB-C-to-USB-C. This is in contrast to the USB-A-to-USB-C option Sony included. It can also be used with modern charging bricks.


Pulse 3D headset

Sony has improved on its previous, less creative and bulky Platinum headset range for the PS5. The new Pulse 3D headset is lighter and more sleek, perfectly matching the futuristic PS5 design. Simple design is evident in the simple and accessible controls located on the left earcup. These allow for volume control, mic muting, and balancing chat and game audio. While 3D audio is not as exciting as Sony claimed, it’s still a pleasant alternative to expensive surround sound systems. This peripheral is a great value for money if you are used to headphones or TV speakers.

Price: PS85 | Amazon


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