10 Pro Tips For Starting a successful YouTube Channel


Do you have a talent you want to showcase to the world? Or do you run a business and plan to use YouTube to promote brand awareness and increase sales?

YouTube is becoming the most popular social media platform worldwide. Each day, YouTube users watch for over a billion hours.

Can you imagine more than 2.6 billion people watching your content? You may be surprised, but that’s the estimated number of active YouTube users today.

You can earn millions of money from a YouTube channel. Data from Forbes show that the best-paid YouTube content creator earns USD 54 million. 

But the big question is, where can you begin to own a successful YouTuber channel? If you dream of joining the list of the best YouTubers, below are tips on how to start a successful channel.

Most Effective Tips on How to Establish a Successful YouTube Channel

Determine the Purpose of Your Channel

Many channels exist on YouTube. Do you have anything different to offer than the existing channels? You will miss the point when you create content that doesn’t offer anything unique.

So, begin by defining the purpose of your YouTube channel. That helps you to create YouTube video content with value to attract a huge audience.

Do you intend to have a channel to promote your brand? You may brand the YouTube channel with the company’s name.

Avoid opening a YouTube channel without a plan. If you do that, you will have unfocused content, which doesn’t attract audiences or followers. Grasping the purpose of your channel guides you to create types of content that resonate well with your audience, leading to success.

Find Out and Understand Who Your Audience Is

Do you know who you are targeting with your YouTube content? Doing a lot of homework to know your audience helps to create the content the audience needs.

Your videos should offer value to get shares and attract followers. That’s why you should take time and create YouTube video content that educates, inform, and solves the audience’s queries.

Many YouTube users want videos that entertain, educate or inform them. You will get many views and followers posting such content. 

You can create audience personas. Use tools to find out who watches videos related to your purpose. Determine how old they are, their job, why they watch, and other relevant data so you can structure your content better.

Open and Customize Your YouTube Channel

After logging in to your Google account, go to the YouTube section and signup using your username or brand name, and you will get a channel page.

Once you’re done signing up, customize the About info and page banner.

Designing a YouTube channel page that hooks are a big plus for you. Ensure your brand is consistent to make your channel feel and look professional.

Add a high-quality logo or headshot to the channel. 

Create Content Calendar and YouTube Videos


You now have a YouTube channel and understand your audience. The next step is content planning and video making.

Consistency is important. You can’t post one YouTube video, then take one year to post again and expect success.

Plan video-making one month before you begin posting. That sounds long, but it’s the best thing to do to offer high-quality and thoughtful content. You can create YouTube videos and store them for future posting.

When you shoot, gather enough footage. Ensure you have content for the whole month. After shooting, you will only need an online video creator for youtube to work your clips into a quality video.

Ensure you come up with a posting schedule. You can post twice a week, weekly, or several times a month. Your audience will also follow you consistently when you set dates and share a content calendar.

Pay Maximum Attention to the Quality of Your YouTube Videos

Invest in quality YouTube content if you don’t want to fall before you even start. We live in a busy world, and you need valuable and high-quality content to attract the audience and hold their attention.

Though quality content matters, you don’t have to spend a lot on equipment. You can shoot quality footage with your smartphone and use an online video creator for YouTube to polish your content.

Remember to edit well and make sure to have others re-check everything before posting.

Implement YouTube SEO

YouTube isn’t just a social media platform. When you post videos on YouTube, the platform ranks your content to enhance visibility.

But for your content to rank better on the YouTube ranking page, you need to add a few SEO tricks to your channel.

Ensure to insert the right keyword into your YouTube video file. Search engines use specific keywords to rank your content. Your YouTube video should also include a good description, a title, and a thumbnail for indexing and ranking.

Well-optimized YouTube channels and videos rank better, increasing viewing and followers.

Build YouTube Community and Engage with Them

When you post videos to your YouTube channel and get viewers, encourage them to subscribe to get more. Encourage your audience to share your videos with friends and relatives.

The more your content gets shared, the more views and subscribers you get.

Make sure you read audience comments after posting your YouTube videos. You should respond to any question that arises from viewers. You may like the comments you receive, which make your viewers feel like part of your channel.

Share Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

Take advantage and create a huge presence on social media. Share your YouTube videos on Facebook and other social media platforms, where users can follow your link to the channel.

You will gain many followers and more views from other social media platforms.

Get YouTube Analytics

How is your channel performing? Getting analytics helps you know how your content is performing and where you can improve to achieve your goals.

YouTube’s analytics gives you a lot of data. These include the number of views your content gets, viewers’ origin, and how many subscribers engage with your content.

Knowing videos with many views helps you figure out what the audience is looking for. Duration of viewing is another important factor that can help you improve your channel.

You can review everything from content planning, creation, and editing if you post and don’t get views or subscribers.

Collaborate with YouTubers

Endorsements from popular social media influencers will attract viewers and followers to your YouTube channel. Consider working on a video project with such influencers, which is good for your channel.

Many people, especially the young generation, trust their role models. The followers of celebrities will trust your channel when you partner in content creation with them.

You don’t have to go for the most expensive influencers. Opting for user-generated content is also an ideal way to get views and subscribers.


A YouTube channel is quite ideal for promoting brand awareness and increasing sales. The tips above guide you into establishing the most successful YouTube channel. 

Get started, shoot the best clips, and use a YouTube video editor to polish your videos now!

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