10 Most Popular December Global Holidays And Their Symbolism


Table of Contents

  • 1. Hanukkah
  • 2. AIDS Day
  • 3. Feast of Immaculate Conception
  • 4. Santa Lucia
  • 5. Yule
  • 6. Festivus
  • 7. Christmas Holiday
  • 8. Saint Stephen’s Day
  • 9. Kwanzaa
  • 10. New Year Eve

It’s time to say hello to December and close out the year. It’s among the most popular seasons, with various celebrations and events across the globe. From religious to leisure celebrations, you’ll observe every celebration during this month. A majority of people anticipate the Christmas holidays to spend time with loved families and friends.

Get to know about the upcoming events by checking the list of December global celebrations.1Hanukkah

  • Also known under the following names: Chanukah, Hanukah, Chanuka, Chanukkah
  • Time: 8 nights & days
  • Beginning: 28 Nov
  • Endes: 6 Dec
  • Ended on: the 3rd or 2nd Tevet
  • It is celebrated by the Jewish Community
  • Hannukah customs: Exchange of gifts
  • Foods: Oil-free food, pancakes, and doughnuts

Hannukah will be the most popular holiday in December, that is always celebrated on Friday, the 25th day Kislev. The 2021 Hanukkah celebration will be celebrated starting from the Sunset from 28 November to the 6th of December, when night falls. In celebration of the festival candles are lit up on a candelabrum and decorated with nine branches that are commonly referred to as a menorah. Sometimes, it is the hanukkiah.

The candles are lit from either the top or the at the bottom of one tree and is usually placed over the other branches. They are also known as”shamash” candles. Due to the timing of the time of Christmas, Hanukkah has taken on a significant importance throughout North America.

In this celebration, Israel and a variety of Jewish communities celebrate the reopening to Jerusalem’s Second Temple of Jerusalem, and then Maccabean Revolt. Maccabean Revolt.

After the illumination by the lamps, the Hanerot Halalu is sang. Here is the English version.

The lights are lit for the wonders and miracles of redemption and the sacrifices you fought for our forefathers in these days in this season by Your holy priests. In all the seven days Hanukkah the lights are considered sacred and we are not permitted to make regular use of them except to gaze at them in order to offer thanks and praise to your amazing Name for your amazing miracles, Your marvels and your salvation.

2 AIDS Day

  • Day of the week: 1 Dec
  • It is celebrated by World Wide
  • Beginning from: 1988
  • The theme for 2005-2010: “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise”
  • 2014 theme: AIDS-Free Generation.
  • The theme for 2012 is “Getting To Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero deaths related to AIDS. Zero discrimination.”

In 1988, the 1st day of December was declared World AIDS Day. In the world, the red ribbon is a symbol of solidarity with those living with HIV or AIDS.

It’s an international holiday that everyone strives to bring awareness to the AIDS disease. It is a day that the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World AIDS Day as one of the eleven major public health campaigns around the world.

There are approximately 26 million people with HIV around the world has been estimated to be 26.8 million. But, around 28.9 million have died due to AIDS. Therefore, we can conclude that HIV is one of the most urgent public health problems.

Do what you think you do has an impact. It does.

William James

3 Feast of Immaculate Conception

  • Designated Day:December 8
  • Other Name:Immaculate Conception Day
  • The HTML0 is celebrated by: Roman Catholic Church
  • Meaning:To celebrate the sinless life of Mary. Mary
  • Relative with:Nativity of Mary

Image by Still Roman Catholic After All These Years

The 8th of December is a day to celebrate the faith on the Immaculate Conception Mary along with her sinless existence. According to the calendar liturgical of the Roman Catholic Church, it is the most significant of Marian occasions.

There are numerous rituals and beliefs that are associated with the feast of the Immaculate Conception day. It also includes displays of magnificent fireworks, cultural themes as well as military and religious procession as well as delicious food and stunning costumes.

4 Santa Lucia

  • Day of the week: 13th of December
  • is classified by:Religious Festival
  • The purpose of the celebration: to honor Lucia of Syracuse
  • Regions of Celebration: Italy and Norway
  • Religion: Christianity

In the year that passes, many from all over Italy celebrate the day of feasting known as Santa Lucia on the 13th of December. The day is celebrated across the regions in Sweden, Norway and Swedish-speaking regions of Finland. The celebration is called the celebration of the lights to honor of Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucy, more commonly known as Saint Lucia, was one of the first documented Christian martyrs. She was targeted for her beliefs around 300 C.E. The procession and the concert are highlights of this celebration, which features singers sporting white dresses and headdresses , accompanied by glowing candles.

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Laurie R. King


  1. Day designated:In between 1 December 1 December (varies)
  2. Other Names: Yuletide, Yulefest
  3. Type of Festival: Cultural
  4. The is celebrated by: Various Northern Europeans, Germanic peoples, Neopagans and LaVeyan Satanists.

In the past, Yule celebrations are often connected to celebrations of the Wild Hunt, god Odin as well as an Anglo-Saxon pagan god called Modraniht. But they are also a celebration of the Germanic people observe Yule as a traditional winter celebration. They stayed up all night around a bonfire and igniting an enormous woodstove and enjoying games.

The burning of fire remains an option and many people enjoy this time of year and present their loved ones gorgeous presents. In addition, they relish candlelit dinners in their backyards and also decorate their Yule trees with gorgeous lighting and other decorations.

In the darkness, the world can’t swallow the glowing of an ember

Robert Altinger


  • Day of the week:December 23
  • Meaning: Contrary to the Christmas season’s consumerism
  • Category: Parody
  • Type: Secular
  • The celebration was celebrated: In the United States and around the globe

Festivus is the fifth day of Christmas celebrations which is celebrated widely across the globe. The secular holiday is celebrated on December 23 to alternative to the commercialization during the festive season. The holiday has been called an imitation of the real one and is a play on the culture of consumerism.

The journalist who reported it described it as

The ideal secular theme for a all-inclusive gathering in December.

The Festivus meal, there’s the “Airing of Grievances.”. Another great tradition is that everybody tells each other what they’ve done to disappoint their loved ones throughout the years. This way, they overcome their internal flaws and continue to live their lives with pure hearts.

A competition known as “Feats of Strength” is following the meal, where the head of the household is wrestled to the floor. The celebration ends when the head is tied.

7 Christmas Holiday

  • Day of the week: December 25
  • Category: Religious
  • Alternative names are: Noel, Nativity, Xmas
  • Typ: Christian, cultural
  • Significance: Nativity of Jesus

Jingle Bells All jingle. Oh, how delight it is to ride on a single horse open sleigh!

It is possible to consider the Christmas celebration to be the most wonderful and most cherished holiday by the Christian as well as the nonreligious Christian community. Despite lack of understanding about the month and the date of Jesus Christ’s birth date, Christianity established it in the beginning of the fourth century, on the 25th of December.

In the Roman calendar, this is the time that corresponds with the solstice of winter. It falls on March 25th, which is nine months following Annunciation Also, it is the date of the spring equinox.

There are a myriad of famous and well-loved traditions connected with the holiday. Christmas celebrations involve exchanging cards and gifts and listening to Nativity plays, Christmas music and special meals. The celebrations also include decorating the Christmas tree with lights and decorations.

Another wonderful tradition in the holiday season Santa Claus bringing gifts for children. Little girls and boys are waiting for gifts under their beds or in their bedrooms in the evening. This custom is linked to the bringing of love and hope to their lives.

8 Saint Stephen’s Day

  • Desi
  • Day of the week: 26 December
  • Type: Public Holiday
  • It was celebrated: Around the world
  • Significance: Day of Goodwill
  • Other Name: Boxing DayImage from Holidaysmart

The December holiday is celebrated all over the world as a day of celebration in many countries, including Austria, Bosnia, Catalonia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Ireland. There are many different beliefs regarding the significance of this holiday. Many believe that this holiday is observed the day after Christmas to honour saint Stephen. Saint Stephen was an Christian martyr who was killed in the year 36 AD.

In some countries, it’s known in the form of Boxing Day. Since this day is observed immediately following Christmas, the funds collected from alms at churches during the Christmas season are distributed to the less fortunate. Additionally, people were able to purchase gifts to their servants as a gesture of gratitude.

Everybody has wishes, but those that are fulfilled are the wishes that are made from the heart of the person who has it.


  • Day of the week: December 26 to January 1
  • It is a favorite of: African Americans
  • Typ:Cultural festive
  • Meaning: Celebrate the African culture and heritage

First Kwanzaa festivities were held in 1966. It is an African-American culture celebration that is held every year from December 26 through January 1. The 6th of the month is Kwanzaa the community comes together for a feast that is communally known as Karamu.

Maulana Karenga started this festival after taking inspiration from harvest festivals across Africa which included West Africa and Southeast Africa. It was in the past that the intention of the festival was interpreted as

Offer blacks an opportunity to take a break from the traditional Christmas holiday and provide the black community the opportunity to be proud of themselves and their culture, rather than merely mimicking the customs of the dominant society.

Traditional African dances and songs take place in the Kwanzaa celebrations. Additionally, you can attend storytelling sessions, poetry readings and discussions on the basic concepts that are the basis of African culture. The goal is to bring awareness and bring the African values of culture all over the globe. After each day, the festivities end with a huge meal.

If you’ve got a goal which you are able to trust, there’s no limit to the possibilities you could accomplish.

Marian Anderson

10 New Year Eve

  • Day of the week: 31 December
  • Type: International
  • It was celebrated: Around the world
  • Significance: Final day of the Gregorian Calendar

Here’s the December’s final festivalthat is held on the final holiday of each month. New Year’s festivities are one of the first celebrations to take place within Tonga as well as Tonga and the Line Islands, while American Samoa and Baker Island are the last to welcome the the New Year.

The World New Year’s Eve celebration is an annual celebration which is observed by millions of people across the world. As we celebrate New year’s Eve we say goodbye to the year’s burdens and look forward to the coming year’s happiness. This is also the ideal moment to make promises and fresh resolutions for the coming year.

There are a variety of events to make the most of the end to the calendar year. It involves fireworks as well as drinks, dinners and celebrations. The celebration will begin on the night of 31 December and continues until New Year’s Day 1 January.

Some of the most well-known New Year’s Eve fireworks are performed during:

  • Dubai’s Burj Khalifa
  • The streets of Edinburgh’s hills
  • London’s River Thames
  • Sydney’s Harbour
  • Paris’ Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe
  • The Las Vegas Strip
  • Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana
  • Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour

Other December Celebrations Around The World includes

1st of December

  • The day that is the national holiday of UAE

4th of December

  • Ghana or Farmer’s Day

6th of December

  • Constitution Day of Spain
  • Independence Day of Finland

7th of December

  • King Bhumibol’s Birthday (Thailand)

10th of December

  • Constitution Day of Thailand

12th of December

  • The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)

13th of December

  • Republic day of Malta

16th of December

  • Day of Reconciliation of South Africa
  • Victory Day of Bangladesh

18th of December

  • National Day of Qatar

24th of December

  • Independence day of Libya
  • Christmas Eve

25th of December

  • Quaid-e-Azam Day (founder of Pakistan)
  • Christmas Day

26th of December

  • Independence and Unity Day in Slovenia
  • International Boxing Day

29th of December

  • Unduvap Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka

30th of December

  • Rizal Day in the Philippines

31st of December

  • New Year’s Eve Global Festival

Final Words

The festive season of December is accompanied with a myriad of international holidays that will make sure you end your year with a bang. The holidays that fall of December is also a great opportunity for students to have fun and socialize. Prepare yourself for the coming events. Be prepared for these worldwide holiday celebrations by saving money on gifts, meals and celebrations.

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