Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time: How to Get Connected? Explained


In Philippine Piso WiFi is one of the most well-known Wi-Fi solutions. For Wi-Fi to be used it is essential to buy a package and then utilize it according to. There are many scenarios that individuals who require internet connectivity can’t afford the bundle to purchase. In these cases, there’s an opportunity to take advantage of Piso Wiso pause time

Internet technology has become a fundamental requirement for all people in the present. The world has evolved into an Global Village with the help of internet services. With Internet, we get access to everything we require, in the form of data. You can shop for everything at home via the internet, from stores that are online. The internet has simplified our lives certain.

When we think of the internet, the first thing that comes to thoughts are broadband providers and the internet bundles. Which one is providing the lowest prices with the best quality. Here, we’ll examine Piso Wi-Fi Piso Wi-Fi

What is Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time

It’s one of the top internet services available that you can find in the Philippines. In essence, Piso Wi-Fi was started by using PISONET that was an arcade style internet. Piso Wi-Fi is started in 2017 and became famous within a short period of time.

Users have the ability to access the internet using the aid of coins. It is said that PISONET gives meaning to one-peso internet. PISONET was launched in the year 2011, but was replaced with Piso WiFi in 2017.

This service is available by vending machines. This is the internet rental service you can purchase by using coins. Thus, someone who is unable to afford internet plans or who wishes to save money on internet services can avail this Piso-WiFi Service.

Wi-Fi AdoPiSoft

It is among the main management tools for the coin-operated Wi-Fi hotspots within the Philippine. It’s created in a way that anybody can get access to internet regardless of whether they are non-technical.

The Login Procedure for Piso Wi-Fi

If you live in Philippine and need internet access, it is almost free. In order to connected via your Piso Wi-Fi. Follow the steps below.

In the beginning, look for vending machines closest to your home.

If you spot one then search for an SSID for Wi-Fi.

It is then necessary to join AdoPiSoft and enter the password. This will take you to the login page.

The machine will then request a coin, and you will need to first insert the coin before commencing to use the service.

When you insert the coin, the machine will recognize it and verify the service.

Benefits of Piso Wi-Fi Service

This is among the most useful online services for those who don’t have the money or would like to cut costs.

Telecom companies are reaping the advantages of this internet service.

An IP address of is crucial and the most efficient that it is able to be used multiple times.

The administration is able to manage it from any location with the aid of an automated cost management program.

It aids you in dealing with the demands of bandwidth, users and of course, the rate time.

It’s very well-designed and can be utilized by any person at any time, without going through a lengthy process.

The best part is that it’s almost free, and you don’t have to purchase internet packages for small internet-related works.


Internet technology has made it vital for everyone around the world. Thanks to Internet, you are able to quickly find out the happenings in other regions of the world. Piso Wi-Fi is playing a crucial role in providing internet services within the Philippines. Other countries should take this approach to provide affordable internet access to its citizens.

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